The borderless solution to manage your finances globally

Established and incorporated in the United Kingdom EBANX Limited provides a borderless account with payment settlement and e-wallet solutions.

EBANX clients are able to open a borderless account for stress free spending abroad. For anyone travelling, living, working or running their business between two countries, the borderless account means they can manage their money more easily and cheaply than ever before.

An account for global spending, control of your costs and transfers across the world.

With EBANX Limited you automatically have an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and access to many features that allow you to make purchases or transfer funds around the world.

Starting with EBANX Limited is easy

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We come from a solid base

EBANX Limited is a regulated financial services institution powered by EBANX, a global Fintech company founded in 2012, that offers end to end payment solutions to consumers and businesses across the entire cross border e-commerce transaction flow. EBANX are on a mission to make the benefits of international financial inclusion available to everyone at a fair price and with excellent service. It is a great way to send money to your account abroad to spend on travel expenses, purchases, or whatever, with a competitive exchange rate and knowing exactly how much the transaction is costing you.

EBANX has already helped over 500 merchants expand to Latin America and over 40 million Latin Americans to access global services and products.